What hey yo what’s going on guys Bob Jake you’re from TV and we are back with a brand new video and today guys we are doing something extra special something a little bit different it wasn’t my mad dunks what I was trying to show you guys is that look I’m out see you later basketball all right but Logan is not here right now he’s actually away visiting family and will be back tomorrow so the whole house is mine know when you do whatever you want there’s no rules anymore Logan saw here we could literally we should get a trampoline in this house right now while Logan’s gone but anyway that’s not the point the point is guys Logan is away and he’s gonna be away for the night at his family’s house and while he is away I thought it’d be really funny to prank Logan’s so he just purchased a brand new car in fact he has been so excited about this car finally got it and he only had it for like three days so I thought how funny would it be if we pull a little prank on Logan and I was thinking about how could we prank him what could we do to his car and at first I was like we should spray paint but I was like that’s a bad idea because you probably can’t get spray paint off so I looked online and I was what’s the safest way to prank someone’s new car and I found out it was sticky notes so we were gonna be doing a sticky note prank on Logan’s car I’ve got my friend Kurt coming over you guys probably seen him in our Zombie Survival videos and he’s gonna help me with this and we were gonna completely cover Logan’s car in sticky notes and then we’re gonna tape his reaction when he gets back tomorrow I’m pretty excited but I’m also a little bit scared cuz knowing Logan and knowing how much he loves this thing yeah I’m a little bit worried to see what happens but let’s go check the car well show you guys what we’re gonna be doing here is his brand new car you got yourself a BMW x1 I got my car over here I already covered the license plate in your with some sticky notes that I had Kirk is bringing a massive bag hopefully we have enough we got two issues so Logan’s coming home tomorrow so we have lots of time but I think our biggest issue is one having enough sticky notes but also to being able to stick it all around this car because there’s a bunch of different places that we gotta get into here but we will do the entire outside of this thing also guys if you happen to be brand-new to the channel do not forget to smash that like button down below also do not forget to hit the subscribe button guys join the Papa Jake family we are so close to four million subscribers and if you do subscribe guys hit the bell button it’s the tiny little Bell button down below so you never miss an awesome video but let’s head back inside and wait for the sticky notes to come and then start pranking Logan alright guys so Kurt is here currently he’s at the front door let’s go open it up for him oh yeah all right so we got Kirk here of course remember Kirk in our zombie videos how’s your bite mark feeling oh it’s much better now flashback to when Kirk got bit by a zombie hold on I’ve got a bite get here okay stay calm you’re alright I just gonna sting a little alright hopefully this will be enough guys like I said I’m I’m hoping this is enough but alright so now that we got sticky notes I think it’s time we go to the garage and we set up a time-lapse and we start decking out this car for this prank alright so we’re in this side and we’ll go through the multicolor look work our way around to the back side of it and just continuously put sticky notes I’ll update you guys a little bit once we get this done I have no idea how long it’s gonna take well let’s get started Wow and so it is already hilarious the car is the front cover and a half of this side covered here so you gotta do the bottom still gotta do the wheels and the roof and the other side but it’s coming along pretty well I think Logan is gonna be seasick he is literally gonna go crazy I cannot wait for his reaction so we’re gonna keep taping we’re gonna keep on these things on here and yeah hopefully uh hopefully we don’t take too long it honestly hasn’t been that bad I was a little bit worried that we might not finish before he gets home and I thought like maybe this would be like a two day project it’s not about 45 minutes so yeah we’re gonna keep going and this thing is gonna get even more colorful check it out the car is coming along great it’s fireside it’s pretty much been done I’m good at you the wheels I think I threw the girls all one color like maybe like glue and paint on the back there the front leaves a little bit of work and we still have to do this side but it’s coming along really awesome to give you guys a comparison of course shot before but we got no so I think Logan’s gonna flip we got to keep going we’ve still got a bunch of work to do but I’m really excited about this prank guys let’s get this thing done the second part which I didn’t think would be as hard as it was were the wheels the wheels were so hard to do and the weird thing too is I found out sticky toes don’t stick to rubber so we couldn’t actually do the rubber part of the wheels but the rims we could do which was awesome so now we got to finish up the roof finish up the side over there and then this thing is done and we get to wait till Logan gets home I’ll just finish this thing dude oh he’s gonna be so surprised he’s gonna walk in and be like oh it almost looks like a clown van or something it’s really cool I kind of like the colors like it’s it’s different yeah like I wouldn’t necessarily choose it as a paint job for my car but it’s not a bad paint job and so as you guys can see we did this entire side on this side we did the wheels nice rims of neon rims and we of course did overed every inch of this car is covered in sticky notes but we thought it’d take a lot more we bought like like twelve packs probably want to use it like maybe like like I don’t know why more people don’t do this to their cars I don’t I don’t get it so anyway Logan’s gonna be back tomorrow night in the meantime I guess I’ll just leave it here hopefully everything doesn’t fall off and then I’ll film this reaction when he gets home tomorrow unfortunately Kirk’s not gonna be here but I’ll get it on video so you guys can see I have no idea he’s either gonna laugh he’s gonna cry or he is gonna freak out all right guys so it is currently the next day I actually went out before breakfast and I took a look at it just to make sure everything was still in place I was a little bit worried that maybe all the sticky notes would fall off and this whole thing would be ruined I’d have to do it all over again but they are still there and I just got a text from Logan saying he is coming home I have to prepare to break the news to him about his car I’ve been chilling in here I’ve actually been setting up my new gaming system over here got the camera got the microphone you guys should definitely go subscribe to my gaming channel pop Jake games if you want to see some content over there I’m making some new video game videos over there that’s not the point of the video the point of this video guys is put prank and Logan’s so I’m gonna go and just kind of wait downstairs watching TV and then once the Logan comes home I’m gonna run to the door and that’s when we’re gonna spring on him that we did something to his car but I’m gonna try and I’m gonna try and play it out a little bit as long as I can to see how freaked out he gets so Logan is currently coming home the viewers missed you so much that I thought I had to vlog your very entrance back into the house hey guys what’s up I mean it was only one day but still like Logan you must feel refreshed ready to just enjoy life and there’s clearly no reason why I would be vlogging there’s no reason at all why light why I would be weird nothing happened to the house nothing went wrong while you were gone Oh Logan what if we didn’t play basketball but instead we showed the viewers your brand-new car there’s no reason why I have a grin on that face Logan few years I think is if this is weird being weird why don’t we why don’t we take a little trip and we go get ice cream in your brand new car that you totally love that nothing happened to while you were gone before you open this door I want you to I want you to know nothing happened to your car so why don’t we just go the other way I came in I was like dude Logan picked the best paint job look at this thing don’t you love it it was a surprise oh yeah it’s peaches eight also I’m not gonna lie it looks pretty cool it’s your new paint job dude look I was like I was like dude black cars are so overdone why don’t we give you and I was thinking like yellow pink blue and then I would just do all the colors just like it actually looks it’s redoing this I yeah I googled it a few times these bro and the great thing about this it’s not like a regular rap where you have to go take it to like a store if you’re like I don’t want yellow just take it all I wouldn’t do that the edges but you’ll have to fix that you know what this means Jake I gotta get you back well I don’t feel safe in this house anymore that’s for sure you know what car is gonna look sweet so here’s your new paint job bro I’m not mad I’m not mad not mad he loves it this is gonna take like a long how long did this take you uh well I had Kirk over so it’s because they are about three hours to do this is your new paint shop you just drive with it warm dark color puts a smile on my face I love the rims though the rip the ribs were the hardest part guys this just means we got to get Jake back I don’t know what we’re gonna do but leave me suggestions in the comments you do not have to get me back dude this was pro bono no there’s no reason to pay back for it in any way you leave my car as it is oh that pretty much wraps up this video we got looking good it just means good you can’t leave this anymore you gotta just never leave but guys if you enjoyed this if you enjoyed this prank video smack the like button down below let’s try and crush 20,000 likes and I will prank Logan again no crepes maybe we’ll do a little prank but anyway guys thank you so very much this has been Papa Jake and Logan from – you’re pimping E and we’ll see you guys next time for another video

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