How To Hide A Hickey

(shimmering sound and horse whinnying) – Okay mom, I’ll see you next week. – Oi, Lily. What happened to your neck, huh? (ominous music) – [Lilly Voiceover] Uh, say you fell. No, wait, but then she’ll say- – How’d you fall on your neck? – [Lilly Voiceover] Exactly, you moron. Say it’s a rash. Actually, no, wait. ‘Cause then she’ll say. – Hmm, okay. Let’s go to doctor. – [Lilly Voiceover] And you won’t be able to lie to the doctor. He went to school and stuff. – Hello, Lilly. I said what happened to your neck, huh? – [Lilly Voiceover] Quick, hurry, think of something.

Okay, uh, you got shot. Uh, it’s a new tattoo. You’re an aspiring dalmatian. – Uh, I burnt myself with the curler. – Okay. Be careful next time. – Okay. Uh, I want, like, four bowls of edamame. I’m so hungry. – Is that a hickey? – Did you hook up with Bryan again? – No, I, uh, I burnt myself with the curler. – Oh, that’s the worst. – Yeah, hate when that happens. (cell phone ringing) – [Lilly] Right? So painful, the worst. Okay, before you ask, I burnt myself with a curler, okay? – [Friend] What happened to your chest? – Oh, I dropped the curler and I burnt myself. On my boobs. – [Friend] Ouch. (phones ringing and office chatter) – Is that lingerie in your bag? – Oh, no. You know what happened? I, um, burnt myself with a curler and then I used lace to wrap my hand.

– Ugh, that’s so annoying. – Oh, it’s terrible. (slurping) (sighing) I keep waking up sick every morning and throwing up. I have no idea why. I mean, three weeks ago, I did burn myself with a curler, but… Hello? Hi, yeah, I’m not gonna be able to make it into work today. Yeah, I burnt myself with a curler. It’s been really painful ever since. (sizzling) Mother Fu- (booming bass) (playful music) – Is that a hickey? – Did you (beep) Bryan again? (laughing) – This is 14, take- This is Scene 4, Take 1. – You’re drunk, go home. Mother Fucker! – End, take 1. (snap) (beep) – You thought for a second you hit me, right? (laughing) Taylor’s heart was like I’m an actor.

An actor. I’m sorry this videos so short. You know what had happened was, I had burnt myself with a curler. (laughing) If you liked this video, if you can relate to it, give it a big thumbs up. Check out my last video right over there. Second vlog channel right over there. Make sure you check that out. Make sure you subscribe, yo, ’cause I make new videos every Monday and Thursday. One love Superwoman. That is a wrap. And zoop. Straight up, for everything, “burnt myself with a curler.”.

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